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Jill Garrett

Director/ Accounting and Payroll Software Support Specialist
Jill has provided accounting software support to a wide range of local and out of town businesses for over 20 years. Small, medium and large projects using many different software packages, Jill has assisted wherever she can to get the right solution working for her clients. She specialises in installations and integrations with Accredo Business Software as well as complex payroll integrations. Away from work Jill loves to cook and grow things and is a novice (but getting better!) sourdough baker. She also loves to make the most of all the natural features this area has to offer – walks, beaches and parks.

Email: (firstname)@bluehouse.co.nz

Jenni Parkinson

Director/ Accounting and Payroll Software Support Specialist
Jenni has provided accounting software support to a wide range of local and out of town businesses for over 20 years. She provides complex solutions and integrations with various software including Accredo Business Software. She also performs Xero and cloud-based payroll installations and oversees our admin team to ensure we provide a quality, consistent service to our valued bookkeeping clients. She is passionate about ensuring businesses fully utilise their software and helps with developing inhouse systems for clients. Outside the work environment Jenni is a busy mum of 2 teenagers. She is also a keen gardener, lifestyle farmer, and loves getting out and about in nature in her spare time.

Email: (firstname)@bluehouse.co.nz

Cory Miller

IT Systems Consultant
Cory heads up our IT Hardware division and has a wealth of IT knowledge and expertise. He oversees the bigger IT projects and he researches solutions for the more complex requirements of local businesses. He keeps on top of emerging trends in technology and ensures we can provide robust and practical solutions to our valued client base. He has an excellent rapport with all our clients, built up over the many years he has been part of the team at Blue House. In the life away from work, Cory is an experimental mixologist and loves to go on adventures.

Email: (firstname)@bluehouse.co.nz

Tony Loftus

IT Systems Consultant
Tony is and IT technician with over 16 years’ experience in repairing and upgrading consumer electronics. He has a wealth of expertise in anything related to Eftpos solutions for both Ingenico and Verifone. He is brilliant at his role of providing cloud-based backup solutions for our business and residential customers. He oversees our subcontractor work to many of the local businesses. He is also our resident handyman and takes care of all the small R & M tasks around the Blue House which we appreciate very much! Tony is a busy father of five and a soccer player extraordinaire when he has a sliver of spare time.

Email: (firstname)@bluehouse.co.nz

David Smail

IT Systems Consultant
David is a skilled master of anything IT related. He is well-versed in a range of different operating systems and has a technical focus in hardware and software related solutions. He is an expert trouble shooter, and our clients really enjoy his friendly, cheerful disposition. David is also our resident coffee and wine afficionado! David also heads up our Web Services integration with Accredo Business software to provide clients with mobile solutions. When not working, David spends most of his time with his family, playing music, reading a good book, and doing all the great outdoorsy stuff like fishing and camping.

Email: (firstname)@bluehouse.co.nz

Candace Harding

Accounting and Payroll Software Support Specialist and Admin Support
Candace has extensive experience in implementing and maintaining accounting and payroll software. She provides exceptional support to our growing software client base and specialises in cloud-based applications such as Xero, Pay Hero and Pay Sauce. She also provides support to our Accredo Business clients. Candace also provides excellent support to streamline our internal admin processes. Candace is a mum and very keen sports person. She is a dedicated (and talented!) soccer and netball player and her work organising these teams throughout the season is nothing less than amazing!

Email: (firstname)@bluehouse.co.nz

Kat Bridle

Admin and Software Support Specialist
Kat comes from a strong administration background and has impressive prior experience in event management both here and in Australia. Kat is part of our admin team to and handles all our internal admin and job management. She liaises with our clients to ensure everything is running smoothly. She also supports the admin team to provide our clients with bookkeeping and software services. Kat is passionate about gardening in her life outside of work and we receive the fruits of this at work from time to time! Actually anything food-related or involving the outdoors is her passion!

Email: (firstname)@bluehouse.co.nz

Blair Engert

Workshop Technician and Trainee IT Consultant
Blair is the latest addition to our friendly, dedicated technical team. He is a gun at diagnosing the problems that come into the workshop each day and also enjoys getting out to visit clients on site. Blair has always had a passion for IT, from Linux oriented server maintenance, initialising game hosting servers, websites, and mail hosting all while still in high school as a side hobby. He has also built custom gaming PCs and Workstation PCs for friends and family. Blair is patient and has great determination to resolve others’ problems. Outside of the work environment he likes to keep his mind involved with technology with his own projects or lending a hand in other people’s projects. Blair also likes to destroy his house and rebuild it…slowly!

Email: (firstname)@bluehouse.co.nz


Computer Hardware & Software

  • Desktops & Laptops
  • Printers
  • Computer Accessories
  • Antivirus Software
  • Microsoft Office 365

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  • Accredo
  • MYOB
  • Xero
  • Infusion
  • IMS Payroll

Admin & Bookkeeping

  • Data Entry
  • Monthly Financials
  • Tax compliance

Extra Services

  • Computer Repair
  • Hireage

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