How it all began

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How it all began

Blue House Computing was formed in 2000 by Jill and Jenni.

They were both working in a local accountant’s office at the time when you could only buy accounting software off the shelf at Noel Leemings.

What they observed were people getting into a real tangle with this software and by the time it came in for end of year review most of the data was unusable by the accountant.

Seeing an opportunity to assist clients and enhance their experience with this software, Jill and Jenni started providing setup and training in the use of accounting and payroll software where they were working.

Word soon got around of these services, however people already had their own accountant, so Jill and Jenni branched out and opened Blue House Computing Limited and began supporting a wide range of businesses, both locally and throughout New Zealand.

It soon became apparent to them that while they were good at providing accounting software support and training, the hardware side of things was a bit beyond them! Hence employing their first technician and providing the complete IT package.

Not long after this the business spotted another gap in the market – they discovered that some people just hated doing the bookwork and just wanted to do what they were good at, rather than spending hours at a computer doing invoicing, bank recs and GST! So again, Jill and Jenni seized the opportunity and began providing bookkeeping, admin and payroll services to clients.

Blue House has expanded even more over the years and now has an amazing team of eight who can supply customised technology solutions from home user through to small, medium and large businesses. The solutions they provide allow businesses (and home users) to work smarter and more efficiently, while helping them to take advantage of the many great features and benefits modern technology has to offer.


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