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You've come to the right place if:

  • You want to buy a quality new computer.
  • You need to get your old computer fixed.
  • You need help choosing an Accounting or Payroll program.
  • You need help or training in your existing Accounting or Payroll software.
  • You need help with getting your Admin and Bookkeeping work done.
  • You need to hire a conference room or data projector.
  • You need EFTPOS sales and hireage.

Computer Hardware & Software

We choose to order our hardware for the next day delivery so you can benefit from getting the latest technology HP has to offer!



Accounting & Payroll Solutions

We offer a wide range of Accounting and Payroll solutions as well as trainings to help you in your daily accounting tasks.



Admin & Bookkeeping Services

We offer a range of administration services to assist businesses of all sizes and services to keep on top your paperwork piles.


We offer a range of Extra Services
  • Support & Training
    We offer support and training on all the software we sell, as well as Admin support. We can also organise Remote support.
  • Computer Repair
    Our workshop technicians fix computers, laptops and other hardware related items. We offer fast efficient service.
  • Hireage
    We rent EFTPOS devices, data projectors as well as screens.

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